Moisture proof solution for socket switches

Humidity is one of the natural factors that have a significant influence on electrical appliances in the home. When moisture infiltrates, poor quality socket switches will oxidize and corrode, causing the socket to overheat due to poor contact of the copper core, which may even cause electric shock, fire, explosion, and short circuit. serious case. Vietnam's climate is hot and humid, with a lot of rain, so let's learn about moisture-proof solutions for socket switches in the article below.


Image: Poor quality socket switch

1. Selection of socket switches made of flame retardant materials

The majority of items floating on the market are made from materials with poor heat resistance and fire resistance. When a large amount of heat is emitted due to overloaded power consumption, it will cause a short or a fire in the socket. Therefore, it is very important to choose a fireproof socket for home use. Prestigious brands now often use high-quality, high-quality PC plastic materials, which do not melt and deform at high temperatures and are not ignited by sparks.

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Image: Simon socket switch is electrically safe

2. Use a waterproof box

You can actively prevent moisture penetration by equipping waterproof box for electrical equipment. As the first measure for safety protection, the waterproof box greatly reduces the threat to electrical safety in wet environments such as bathrooms, warehouses, kitchens, balconies... When choosing to install the box water resistance, it is necessary to consider the installation location as well as pay attention to the IP index (index showing the level of dust and water resistance) of the product.

Currently, Simon's waterproof box with IP55 rating has been receiving the favor of customers. The product helps to completely prevent the ingress of solid objects while preventing the ingress of high-pressure nozzle water in all directions, without affecting the normal operation of the device.


Image: Simon's waterproof box

The box is made of high quality PC material, which has good fire resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. Unlike other waterproof box products on the market, Simon's products are equipped with a soft rubber layer at the exit hole to create a seamless connection with the socket. Rubber ring is used as a first line of defense to block moisture and moisture on the wall preventing potential moisture on the back side and bottom edge chamfered U-shaped, sealed, vapor barrier 360°. The inner compartment has a large capacity, which can fit more than 86 different types of switches and sockets, providing flexibility and convenience for users.

To ensure the safety of the socket switches and devices against the ingress of dirt and steam, the waterproof box is considered the optimal choice with the most suitable cost. The above are the notes to help customers minimize the effects of natural factors that affect the life and safety of electrical equipment. To learn about quality waterproof box and socket products, please visit here.