The Olot Series – Simon's LED collection offers the most efficient lighting solutions for all areas of life. The Olot collection includes the product lines of recessed spotlights, floating mounts, interior lighting boxes, and energy-saving street and factory lights.

1. Spotlight

1.1 FU52 . Floating Spotlight


Simon FU52 LED stands out with its round and square shape, covered with white or black powder coating. If the white design brings a delicate beauty, the black products bring elegance and modernity to each space. With a 45-degree projection angle, the product focuses on the right spot that you want to highlight in the space, extremely effective with products that need to impress, therefore, the FU52 lamp is suitable for use in the area. customer service, teller counter, cashier area, reception and welcome area…


1.2 FM60 . Ceiling Spotlight


Recessed Spotlights FM60 is considered one of Simon's design breakthroughs, bringing a lot of emotions to users with masterpieces of light art. The entire shell of the lamp is made of aluminum with a luxurious gray color, delicately decorated with a silver-plated circle. The light source part of the lamp is placed deep in the shell, helping you feel a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere when looking at the light effect of the lamp instead of looking directly at the light source. The light from FM60 transports us to a cozy space where the beauty of details is captured clearly and realistically thanks to the ultra-narrow projection angle, from only 12 degrees to 30 degrees, and the color rendering index CRI> 95.

1.3 Recessed Spotlights FD62


The FD62 lamp is the first priority when you are looking for a Spotlight lamp with good glare control. With a projection angle of 60º, the lamp distributes light better to more areas in the room, therefore, the product significantly improves the lighting effect in the room, creating a deep space with impressive color arrays. . Products with diverse capacities from 7W to 40W, are widely applied in many different spaces such as households, hotels, offices or shopping centers.

1.4 Spotlight FD70

in the spotlight vien tron 2

Spotlight FD70 is widely used in lighting hotels, restaurants as well as apartments because of its easy-to-match colors, and has two types of round and square borders to choose from. With a sophisticated circular cutout that separates the edge of the lamp and the lamp, the design of the Spotlight lamp becomes extremely modern and fancy. The lamp with a beam angle of 40 degrees will be an effective support device for the main light sources to enhance the beauty of the illuminated objects.

Spotlight FD70 has 3 light color options: 2700k, 3000k and 4000k. Depending on the installation application, you can select the IP level for the product: IP20, IP44, IP65.

The lamp frame is made from PC plastic to make the product lighter during installation and transportation, and the lamp base is cast aluminum to help dissipate heat effectively during use. This combination brings a harmonious whole, creating a product that meets the criteria: DURABLE - BEAUTIFUL.

1.5 Spotlight box GR30


The GR30 box Spotlight light is considered one of Simon's impressive products. The device can be used in combination with one to three modules, but can still be individually adjusted so that customers can unleash their creativity to create beautiful projection angles, suitable for many spaces. difference. In addition, modules installed deeper than the bezel should achieve good anti-glare (UGR>19), and light is distributed more accurately. The housing is made of aluminum and steel alloy for good heat dissipation, withstands strong impacts during installation and transportation. The lamp has three capacities of 9W-15W-30W with two light colors, yellow and neutral, suitable for installation in luxurious and modern spaces.


1.6 RS26 . track spotlight


The RS26 track light is designed with mounting joints for flexible and easy movement on the rails. Unlike lamps with a uniform light source, the light of the RS26 track light only focuses the light source in a certain direction to highlight the object to be illuminated, the beam angle is 60º. With a compact design with two colors of white and black and four different lamp models, the RS26 product line becomes an inspiration for endless creativity in using light to breathe life into the corners of spaces full of energy. the artistry and imprint of every space.

2. Factory lamp SPW1001

Led factory light 200W

Factory lights SPW1001 is specially designed for industrial environments with heights from 4m to 15m, power from 100W to 200W with European standard specifications. With a wide surface and evenly distributed LED chip particles, the product gives even, honest light with a super-wide 120-degree projection angle. The shell of the lamp is made from monolithic die-cast aluminum, making the product durable with IP65, IP66 time, resistant to mechanical impacts up to 1.7kg. The driver is separated from the light module to help dissipate heat quickly, the product life is up to 50,000 hours.

3. Street light SPF1001


Street light SPF1001 is one of the most popular public lighting solutions today because of its many preeminent features. The lamp has a special design that facilitates the release of water vapor so as not to affect the LED chip, allowing self-cleaning and maintaining light performance over time. Products using Philips Led chips provide uniform light, similar to natural light and ensure maximum safety for pedestrians. The lamp shell is made of monolithic die-cast aluminum, which helps to dissipate heat quickly, increasing the life of the product, and minimizing replacement and repair costs during use.

With 3 capacities of 100W, 120W, 150W and a wide voltage range of 90-305V, IP66, SPF1001 lights are widely applied in street lighting, parking lots, highways...