Launched Simon Duro LED product line, providing flexible and durable lighting solutions, diverse types, suitable for different needs: Downlight, Spotlight, Led wire, Panel, Tube.

1. Downlights

1.1 Downlight Wave


The Simon downlight Wave LED product with a unique ivory-white flat surface brings a modern and innovative lighting to the space. The lamp uses PMMA light guide plate to increase light transmission and distribute light more evenly. The shell of the lamp is made from high-quality PC plastic, which makes it durable over time, does not yellow, and is easy to install and transport. The lamp has an ultra-wide beam angle of up to 90 degrees to help distribute light to every corner of the space. In addition, with a variety of capacities from 5W to 20W and three popular light colors: white light, yellow light, and neutral light, Simon's Downlight Wave light gives customers many choices, depending on their choice. depending on the different lighting space.

1.2 Downlight Grace


The Simon Downlight Grace LED light is inspired by natural white ivory, giving the space a luxurious and generous lighting. If the downlight Wave model is designed with an elegant flat surface, the Grace series is created with a concave face that effectively controls glare. The lamp has a projection angle of 80 degrees with specifications such as CRI, luminous flux, luminescence efficiency that meets European standards, etc. to provide maximum lighting efficiency. With the desire to bring more options to customers, Grace Downlight has many capacities with full light colors.

1.3 Spotlights

Spotlight KC1 brings a new life to the space with impressive accents. The shell of the lamp body is made from powder coated aluminum, which helps to release the heat generated during use to increase the life of the lamp. KC1 lamps have two types, one with triac and one without. With the triac-mounted product line, users can control the brightness of the lights, creating beautiful arrays of light colors.


Simon Spotlight Duro LED Light With more than 20 types of bezels different in color, material, shape, customers can flexibly combine the lamp body and cover to create unique products, expressing their taste. beauty as well as her creativity.

Available in white or neutral light, it is ideal for lighting in hotels, restaurants, entertainment spaces or commercial spaces.

2. LED String Lights

2.1 LED String Lights SS20


SS20 LED Simon string lights are used in decoration, supporting lamps that provide the main light to highlight the unique details in the space or create more accents with gentle light lines. Simon's SS20 LED product is equipped with a flexible circuit board and a power adapter, so the installation process becomes easier and more convenient. This product line has three capacities of 10W - 36W - 60W with warm light color and white light, which can be installed in many spaces with different areas, from houses to commercial centers, from mid-range projects to high-end luxury projects… Great decorative accents for corridors, display cabinets, balconies, open spaces…

2.2 LED String Lights JL


Simon JL led string lights are the perfect choice to highlight the unique shapes in the living space by different color effects. The product's shell is made of PVC, which can withstand a great deal of electricity without breaking the structure, combined with special fire resistance, so the product has a lifespan of up to 20,000 hours. In particular, the lights can be directly connected to the grid without a power adapter, making all installation operations easier and faster.

3. LED Panel Lights

3.1 LED Panel Light SPP1001


SPP1001 Led Panel Light with ultra-thin size gives the lighting space a sophisticated and modern look. The product uses an edge lighting system with high-class Epistar LED chips placed on the side for even light emission, radiating to every corner of the space. The body of the panel light is high-grade powder-coated aluminum for a smooth glossy surface, increasing aesthetics, in addition to helping the lamp to avoid the effects of the weather.

3.2 Simon Panel Super Slim SPD1001 . LED


SPD1001 Led Panel Lights with round cubes covered with electrostatic white paint, can be used in any space with any style, from modern to traditional, from minimalist to flowery. This product line stands out with its elegant beauty, gentle but no less classy. With a capacity of 6W to 18W and two light colors, warm and white, the Simon SPD1001 lamp becomes a "national product" because it can be installed in many different spaces and environments depending on the area and needs. usage requirements of customers.

4. LED Tube Lights


4.1 SPL1001 . Glass LED Tube Light

The SPL1001 LED glass tube light is the perfect alternative to fluorescent bulbs. The product emits little heat, does not emit ultraviolet rays, infrared rays and does not contain mercury, so it is safe for users and environmentally friendly. With two capacities of 10W - 20W and a wide voltage range from 110 - 245V, the product can operate stably in many regions without worrying about unexpected voltage drop.

4.2 SPL2001 . Aluminum 1/3 LED Tube Light

The Simon brand SPL2001 tube light is considered the optimal solution for civil lighting. The big plus point of this product line is the combination of anti-oxidation white powder coated aluminum body with two ends made from PC plastic and glass ball to create a unified and harmonious block. With pure white color embellished with green border at both ends, the product brings lightness and sophistication to the illuminated space.

Above is information about the Simon LED lights of the Duro collection. For detailed product information, you can refer to it here.