Design Competition Award Announcement: “Light up the space, brighten up the emotions”

Taking place during the 4 weeks of November 2022, the Interior Space Design Contest "Light up the space, brighten up the emotions" is organized by the lighting and electrical appliance brand Simon in collaboration with the VietCG community. officially closed. With 58 diverse entries, bringing many new and unique ideas, the contest brought a colorful playground, contributing to spreading inspiration and positive working thinking to the community. architecture in Vietnam.

A new playground for architectural talents to freely turn on ideas and burn with enthusiasm

With an attractive topic, the contest “Light up the space, brighten up the emotions” opened up unlimited creative space for the contestants. There, they are free to express their ideas and design solutions related to lighting applications for any civil works that they find interesting such as houses, resorts or even buildings. spaces with specific functions such as offices, hospitals, schools, and airports. It is the comfort of the creative scope that has contributed significantly to improving the quality and quantity of the contest.

The contest "Light up the space, brighten the emotions" brings an interesting and new creative playground for the interior design-loving community.

Attract 58 works participating in the competition for 4 weeks, the competition not only stirred up a lively atmosphere in the architecture community thanks to the online voting for each week's award, but also brought excitement and a lot of excitement. difficult for the judges when they have to "hold the balance" to choose the best works for the final prize.

Overall assessment of the quality of the submissions, architects. Le Anh Tuan - Founder of VietCG community, member of the contest jury shared: “The entries for the competition are generally well-thought-out and serious. With a fairly open topic, we found that there was a great diversity in the choice of space and design style from the contestants. The most common thing in the works is the element that enhances the user's experience and emotions in each space.

Mr. Tran Thanh Hai - General Director of Simon Vietnam said: “In order to maximize the creative support of the contestants and take advantage of the priority bonus points for their entries, we have provided full information about ideas, materials, designs and style of Simon's three outstanding and internationally acclaimed product lines, the S6, i7 and V8. Believing that with luxurious, harmonious beauty and optimal user experience, the Simon switch sockets will be a subtle highlight to help raise the level and bring emotions to every interior space. .

In the weekly award category, with the number of votes corresponding to the highest number of interactions in each week from November 1, 2022 to November 30, 2022, the contest found 4 works that won the hearts of the majority of members of the VietCG community and won a prize of 1 million VND.

In order to find a worthy owner for the final awards, all quality works have gone through a thorough evaluation process by a panel of expert judges based on criteria around experiential value. of users including: emotional, creative, inspirational and sustainable. Thanks to the ability to maximize creativity, ingenious application of new design trends to achieve a harmony of "bright" functionality - "luxury" in aesthetics and bring interesting design stories, works of art. “Light up your passion” by the architect. Minh Nguyen excellently won the first prize in the end with a cash prize of 15 million dong. “Inspired by the elegant and unique simplicity of SIMON's i7 Series switch design as the keys are placed to flexibly blend on the curved walls like a piece of music, blending together has created a Create an emotional space where the basement garage has been designed as a place to express passion and intense love through the owner's car collection. The simple and elegant blend of Simon's i7 Series switches with modern tiling trims is made possible by the adaptability and design flexibility of this product line with the The digital matte coating technology provides support for architects to unleash their creativity and increase the delicate aesthetic of the building.” Architect Minh Nguyen shared.

The jury gave this work many compliments. Architect Duong Thanh Tuan – VietCG Community Manager, member of the jury shared: “Minh Nguyen's entry stands out thanks to the way light plays in space, cleverly combining with curves, removing spatial boundaries to honor the main subject.". Meanwhile, Mr. Tran Thanh Hai appreciates the way the architect applies socket switches in space: “This piece places the Simon product in very appropriate, unobtrusive positions; both enhance the beauty of the socket switch and harmonize with the overall space.”

“Light up your passion” by the architect. Minh Nguyen lights up the garage space, sparking the owner's passion for car collection and enjoyment

Ranked second in professional scores and also received many compliments from the judges, "P House" - the design of a residential space with a fresh, peaceful tropical style by the architect. Duong Tran and the high-class apartment "Elegant Appartment" of the architect. Le Thai became the owner of the second and third prizes respectively.

Simon successfully passed the design contest to expand to the space to expand to the camshaft 6
“P House” – the work that won the final second prize of the architect. Duong Tran
simon successfully passed the design contest to open the space to expand to cam cam 7 2048x2048 1
Architects. Le Thai with the work "Elegant Appartment" won the final third prize

Besides, in the spirit of encouraging young creative talents, the contest organizers also awarded a Prospect prize worth 3 million VND to Hoang Hai - a student of Nguyen Trai University thanks to his ability to perfectly combine between modern and luxurious elements in the design of individual apartments…

“Bright” and “light” with the trio of Simon S6, i7 and V8 . switch socket series

Acting as a cue product and creative inspiration in the contest, the trio of Simon S6, i7, and V8 switch sockets have contributed significantly to the success of the winning entries.

Simon successfully passed the design competition to expand to the space to expand to cam 4
Simon series i7 is a creative inspiration for many contestants

Specifically, architect Le Thai shared: “I chose Simon V8 for this project because of its high-end design and flexible adaptability, which is the perfect accessory to elevate the level of the apartment.”

With the message of enhancing the user's experience and emotions in interior design, the contest “Light up the space, brighten up the emotions” succeeded in creating an interesting and rewarding playground for the architecture industry. The competition has ended, but the echoes of the spirit of the profession, the emotional soul of each project will always remain in the minds of many people in the world.