A series of activities on the occasion of Simon Vietnam's 2nd year anniversary

On November 24, Simon Vietnam solemnly celebrated its 2nd Birthday with the participation of all employees nationwide.

The birthday party was simultaneously held at each office of Simon Vietnam in a joyful and warm atmosphere with many impressive and very creative performances featuring each region, especially the contest. “Simon Vietnam Integration” expressed the desire to learn the cultures of other countries and the spirit of readiness for integration of Simon Vietnam.

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simon viet nam 2 years old 1 1In addition, to celebrate the 2nd year of Simon Vietnam, the Company organized many activities for the community and received enthusiastic participation from employees such as "Sharing Day" and "Blood of Kindness - Simon 2022". .

The program "Sharing Festival" with the purpose of collecting old but still well-used clothes, books and toys to disadvantaged areas and areas. In addition, 210 student lamps were sent by Simon Vietnam to poor students who have made great efforts in studying with the desire to give them more motivation and joy to study better.

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simon viet nam 2 years old 10Blood donation for the community “Blood of Kindness – Simon 2022 is a beautiful act of solidarity, a meaningful act to help the sick. Simon Vietnam believes that community activities bring joy and happiness to employees when shared, and also show responsibility to the environment and the community.

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jot-mau-nature-ai (2)Quick response 3In the past 2 years, Simon has made many strong strides thanks to the support and inheritance of values in governance and processes from the global Simon group. As a new member of Simon Group, Simon Vietnam is always ready to change, improve, take the human factor as the driving force for development. With the motto "Many factories, one quality", Simon Vietnam constantly researches and develops, puts into production and distributes high quality products for luxury and high-class projects.

Happy Birthday Simon Vietnam 2 years old!