03 steps to check when buying an outlet switch

If before, the socket switch was just an ordinary electrical device, but today, it is gradually becoming a decorative item for every home. Choosing a good quality switch with a beautiful design will be an extremely important piece for each living space to become more luxurious and sophisticated. Below article, Simon will guide you how to check to be able to choose switch products that meet the criteria “Beautiful – Durable – Luxurious”.

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03 steps to check when buying an outlet switch

Step 1: Check the design

  • Product surface: with high gloss, smooth surface and care from the smallest lines, the color is uniform and does not fade, there is no color error between products with the same specifications.
  • Solid construction: The product is taken care of from the smallest lines, the components are firmly matched internally.
  • Good material: The material has high strength, impact resistance and deformation resistance, good fire resistance, high temperature resistance.

Step 2: Check through intuition

We will have to perform the on/off operation with each switch many times during use. Therefore, testing on and off for new products is essential and extremely important.

  • Smooth hand feeling: When moving, it feels smooth and light, the vibration is moderate and not constrained;
  • Spring force: When performing the on/off operation, the spring force is not too strong or too weak.
  • Plug and unplug: Plug and socket are firmly coupled with moderate force.

Step 3: Select products based on brand

  • Brand history: Reputable and big brands in the market provide quality products and good warranty service.
  • Provide synchronous solution: USB socket, TV connection socket, phone ... are integrated in the socket switch products to bring convenience and savings to users.


Meeting the strict requirements of the market, the E6 series switches from the Simon brand are receiving the love of millions of customers because of their delicate and luxurious lines, which can match many styles of home. With a large switch key (size 86 * 82mm), the product gives users the experience of a new generation of electrical appliances with endless touch points.

Before coming to the market, the switch E6 series must go through 12 steps of color spraying and UV coating to provide a durable, wear-resistant product. Therefore, E6 is known as the "ageless" switch, durable over time.

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